The Process

We use Machine Learning Algorithms on Point Of Sale (POS) data. Teamcore algorithms generate visibility of potential sales vs your current output, calculating lost sales opportunities for your products.

Operational and Commercial opportunities are separated. Tasks are sent to your team according to their role, and prioritized by an economic-value mode.



We analyze the sales of the product in all your stores


We detect your potential sale and the lost sale


We separate the lost sale and potential sale by the factors that generate it


We provide specific action plans to correct sales and prioritize them by the impact

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Point of Sale tasks

POS Tasks

  • In-store daily action plans to reduce lost sales, prioritized by Artificial Intelligence.

  • Two types of tasks prioritized by economic value

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Office Tasks


Perfect Store

The ‘Perfect Store’ indicator is complemented with the lost sales to identify the outlets with the highest potential.

  • The criteria and weights of the ‘Perfect Store’ are measured by each client.

  • Multi-role methodology allows assigning responsibilities to user roles in order to execute each variable and unify the results.

  • The history of the last 8 visits is stored.

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